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pieDo You Want A Slice Of The $65 Billion Pet Industry?

Petclix offers several options for you to get your own financial slice of the $65 billion a year pet industry. Pets are a recession proof business. Our company continues to financially sail through the USA’s economic storm. Below are six ways to get your slice of the pet industry pie. Prices range from $40,000 to free. You can make up to $3,000 a day with a Petclix studio. Or, become a Certified Petclix Photographer and earn $50 an hour working with Fotos4Hope


Six Ways To Be Part Of Petclix

Full Studio

Owning a Petclix licensed studio allows you the freedom to travel from state-to-state. This is perfect for those who want to do Petclix full-time. Prices start @ $40,000. Click for more info.


Rent-To-Own is an alternative for those who want to own a studio but have limited funds. Must be willing to do Petclix full-time. This option also you to travel state-to-state. Prices start $20,000.

 Mini Studio

If you just looking to stick around your city and do Petclix as a part-time income this is a great option. Prices start @ $10,000.


This options allows you to host pet photography events inside or outside with very limited equipment expenditure. This is a great option if you are looking to help local charitable organizations raise fund and still put a $100 an hour in your pocket. Prices start @ $5,000


 Certified Petclix Photographer

As a Certified Petclix Photographer you’ll be trained to be a successful pet photographer and start earning $50 an hour or more…  Become Certified Today!

 Work @ Petclix

Petclix is currently interviewing for the travel team.  Are you ready to be part of an exciting six month journey across the USA?  Of course, this option doesn’t cost anything. Click To Apply