the miraculous story behind Petclix...

 Twenty-five years ago Mala came home from high school to a tragic accident that caused her mom to become clinically dead. To save Mala's mother's life, the South African doctors put her mother on a life support machine. Mala’s brother and her Hindu priest father cried and prayed for their Hindu gods’ to help. Her mom’s condition didn’t change. Their gods were silent.  A week later her condition didn’t improve. The SA doctors told the family they would be taking Mala’s mom off life support tonight. Sixty minutes before they pulled the plug, three men approached the hospital room. They said they were believers and asked if they could pray for their mom.

Out of desperation the family agreed.  The three men  laid hands on Mala’s mom and prayed in the name of Jesus. Sixty seconds after the men left the room, Mala’s mom awoke!  The doctors were amazed that the mom didn't have brain damage. The Hindu South African doctors wrote the words “miracle" for the cure. Mala’s entire family gave their lives to Christ a few weeks later. Mala went on to attend Oral Roberts University (ORU). Upon graduation, Mala served on an African missionary ship.

Mala’s mom received a  vision from God to send her only daughter to America. Shortly after the vision, Mala moved to America. In August 2004, Mala went on a date with Paul B., a man she met on an online dating website. On their first date, Paul told Mala the following... “I don’t believe in God. I live on a paradise Caribbean island where prostitution is legal and publicly accepted.  I’m about to combine my love of money and women into a porn production company. I’m living the perfect atheist life.” At the end of the date, Paul handed Mala his porn production business card.

Mala told her coworkers about her date. They replied, “You’ve met the devil himself. And, if  you continue to date him, we’ll stop being your friend.” Mala ignored their advice because the Holy Spirit prompted her to continue seeing Paul. Mala lost her job a few months later. Paul offered to rent a room in his house where Paul’s ex-girlfriend was still living. Mala moved in to reduce her monthly expenses.

Unbeknown to Mala, Paul would listen through the walls at night while Mala prayed. For six months, Paul tracked her prayers in Microsoft Excel. He noticed that 100% of her prayers came true. Still, an atheist, Paul’s curiosity and statistics caused him to ask Mala to take him to her church. Mala denied Paul’s church request several times. Finally, Mala agreed to take Paul to church. After Paul’s first church visit, he told Mala he felt something warm inside his body. Paul was excited to go back to church again.  He was still a staunch atheist. On his fourth church visit, Paul approached the senior pastor after service was over.

Something inside Paul caused Paul to approach the senior pastor to offer the church thousands of dollars of free IT training. The pastor said to Paul, “God wants me to tell you something.” The Pastor asked if they could lay hands on him. Paul wanted to say no, but something nudged him to say Yes.  As soon as the Pastor laid hands on Paul, Paul immediately began to cry and shake. The pastor spoke a prophecy over Paul’s life.  Paul walked away shaking and crying. His body was shaking so hard he couldn't open the car door, Mala drove home. Shaking and crying in the passenger seat, Paul asked Mala what was happening to him? Mala said, “That’s the power of the Holy Spirit”.  Paul shook for seven hours.

Three months later, Paul repented of his sins, got baptized, and made Jesus his Lord and Savior. Paul then started getting visions from God to start a new business that Paul lacked the experience, skills, and knowledge to do. With all the odds stacked against him, Paul was obedient to God’s vision and surrendered his $3000 a day IT career. Paul left his Caribbean paradise lifestyle and his aspirations of becoming a porn producer to follow God’s vision to build Petclix, the largest mobile pet photography studio in America. 

As Paul followed the heavenly visions, he faced his greatest fears and greatest challenges. Paul’s family and friends thought Paul lost his mind.  Mala was the only person standing by his side. By faith and God’s strength, Paul and Mala built Petclix and experienced over a dozen miracles on the way. To Paul’s surprise, God’s crazy pet photography  business returned his entire investment in four months.  That’s a divine four-month ROI…!!!

Paul and Mala have successfully photographed(shot) ten thousand pets and families across 35 states.  Unbeknownst to them, Petclix has been more than a pet business; it's been a rolling ministry. Mala and Paul have shared their testimony and prayed over thousands of pets and pet owners. They have been married for 17 years and have two children.